Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skin Healthy Foods

Maintain healthy skin not only have to use beauty products. Moreover, expensive.
The food that you consume also affects the condition of your skin. And these are the foods that are beneficial to skin health:

1. Sandwich tuna, whole wheat bread, with carrots, strawberries
and water-rich tuna in essential fatty acids Omega-3, it is great to nourish the skin. Cook the tuna with lime juice and chopped onion. Add more with a rich slice of whole wheat bread Vitamin E. Do not forget, carrots and strawberries (dark colors and bright fruit may also be) rich in antioxidants that can keep the skin moist and provide protection from the effects of aging. Every day, do not forget to multiply the water intake, recommended 6 to 8 glasses. Drinking water is good to moisturize and soften the skin.

2. Soups with vegetables, beans, and whole wheat pasta Vegetables, beans, and whole-wheat pasta, contain antioxidants. Why antioxidants are so important for healthy skin? Antioxidants destroy the chemicals in the body that can cause diseases such as cancer and prevent damage to collagen. Collagen can help keep skin elastic and smooth. So eat these foods can neutralize toxins in your body and it is important to make healthy skin.

3. The grilled salmon with brown rice and carrots

Salmon, tuna, rich in essential fatty acids. While brown rice is high in Vitamin E. This is important because when diet and lack of Vitamin E normally you pale skin, easy bruising, and wrinkle prematurely. While carrots are rich in vitamin A, which can make the skin is not easy to dry and scaly.

4. Salad mix
Salad is a healthy and low calorie foods. To mix the salad could use some handheld dark leafy lettuce (green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, or spinach), meat (chicken or turkey or even fish), a sprinkling of nuts, such as walnuts or almonds, and grated parmesan.

5. Tofu stir-fry with noodles wheat
Know and all other soy foods, rich in Vitamin B. Vitamin that helps keep your skin smooth and moist. Cooking with mixed vegetables rich in antioxidants such as spinach and red peppers or green. Served on wheat noodles. It will be a weekend lunch healthy and practical.

6. Peanut butter on whole-grain crackers with colorful fruit salad
Eat foods that are good for your skin is not actually have to be complicated and time consuming. Lunch is simple like fruit salad with peanut butter and crackers, may be an option at the moment busy. Peanut butter and biskui made from wheat that contains Vitamin E, can maximize the amount of antioxidants in the salad in front of you. Moreover, plus fresh fruit colors, such as orange, kiwi, oranges and all kinds of berries.

7. The green beans
Presenting a bowl of porridge green beans are rich in antioxidants require preparation which is not too long. However, you can generate a lot of health benefits, especially the skin. Vitamins in the nuts will give wonders for your skin.