Tuesday, January 20, 2015

13 Tricks Up Early

Waking up in the morning turned out for some people is very difficult, especially for people with sleeplessness. Need to work extra hard to awaken the types of people like this. Some of the tips below may be used as rekomended for who can not get up in the morning.

Morning guys and gals. Surely you have a problem with waking up in the morning. Right! TOp. hehe .. If my problem is different. Why can not I sleep .. This article is taken from a real girl magazine. Many interesting in this magazine article.

1. Do not drink coffee, wine, and chocolate
In order to get up early, you need quality sleep. Keeping the thoughts and feelings of calm before heading to the contest. It is scientifically proven that coffee drinks, wine, and chocolate had no effect either on the intestine, which makes you to be awakened in the middle of the bed and made to sleep soundly.

2. Go to bed with a calm heart

Many parents are advised to bring a problem to bed. This advice is good, because if you have your mind and heart problems in a bad state. If you are an ugly mood, sleep was not well that will carry over to get up early. Try to think of fun things tomorrow.

3. Calm the mind

How to calm the mind before sleep? Prayer, meditation, issued guts guts in a diary, very useful make the mind calm. Try to move your anxiety.

4. Make your bed comfortable

Arrange your bed comfortably. Select blankets were clean and fragrant. Select bolsters and pillows are soft. Almost guaranteed you sleep more comfortably.

5. Eat two hours before bedtime

The food takes time to be processed in digestion. At the time of digestion is working, then the brain will work as well, and it is difficult to to be brought calm. Because it is suggested that eating two hours before the end of you to bed.

6. Discard the water before bed

For this one, I really did not know. :) Apparently, it is advisable to go to the bathroom, urination or defecation, before bed. If you did not want, try it. If not distributed, the kidneys will be full and make you sleep soundly fixed.

7. The body temperature stable
Body temperature also affects the quality of sleep as well you know. Set just so that your body is not cold and hot in bed. Set the air conditioner to fit with your body. need to wear a full bed or just underwear.

8. Keep reading book

Who admit bookworm, reading before bed is often done. It does not matter if you are straight off the books when sleepiness attack. But much has happened, not even sleep because You want to finish reading it. Better to avoid reading about to sleep.

9. There should be eight hours

Provision for young children to sleep eight hours had to be done. But age, the duration of sleep depends on the quality of sleep that you get. Sleep quality if you are not distracted, and you can sleep asleep. There are people who just need to sleep six hours because entry into a deep phase.

10. Matika television and muffled noise
Majalh New Scietists breathing ran an article stating, shorten a person's age just because of interference noise and loud at night. Because the heart beat faster and wake you up in the night. As a result, the body was so stressed aka uneasy. Because it do not turn on the television or play a song out loud. Simply attach the soft and soothing music.

11. Intend to wake up early
The body has its own alarm body. How to set it up, we intend to get up early, and repeatedly pronounced in the liver. This method often I do too, you know.

12. Install an alarm

If worries about being able to wake up early, most powerful way is install an alarm. But the pair should do in the time you have to get up. At least 30 minutes earlier.

13. Have awoken

Alternatively, ask the home awaken if you still can not get up. Throw plate or water. 

Ready practiced, may be useful.