Sunday, January 18, 2015


Companions that are sleeping next to where? Right or left? There are interesting info. please read


Not just standing or sitting posture are important, we also need to sleep in a position that is good and right. One of the correct sleeping position is facing to the right. There are several reasons during sleep we should be facing right.

1) Reducing the burden of heart

The position of the human heart is more inclined to be on the left. By sleeping on your right, it will reduce the burden of heart affected other organs. Whereas, if we sleep in the left position, the heart will receive excessive blood flow. The heart rate becomes faster, when the heart needs a rest while we sleep.

2) Brain's left
The reason we had to sleep facing the right side is the left brain can rest. Why only the left brain rest instead? Because the left brain has the function to help the organs on the right to work well. For example, to eat, holding something, and other activities that predominantly use right body organs. With sleeping position facing right, left brain work will be more relaxed to support the body organs right.

3) Keeping the lungs
Human left lung is smaller than the right lung. Therefore, we sleep position facing to the right, the heart will not burden the right lung. Conversely, if the bed to the left, the heart will overwrite the lungs are small. Certainly, it is not good for our health.

After knowing the reason we had to sleep while facing right, of course there is nothing wrong if we practice it, is not it?