Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shaheer Sheik who acted as Arjuna in the Mahabharata soap opera did not abstain from eating whatever he wants. But according to him, is more important to him is doing sport exercises to burn excess fat.

In an interview with, this talented actor confiding his health. Here is  her interview

There's Tips for Fitness?

 I do not abstain from eating anything I like, but the most important is to do exercise to burn excess fat.
There are tips for Special Diet?
I do not have any tips for diet, I opted for a diet consisting of 80% of healthy food and the remaining 20% for Junk Food.

What Sports Exercise routine?
I have a high body and I also have excess weight, therefore I exercise for 2 hours, consisting of cardio exercises such as swimming and jogging.

Are you Vegetarian?
No, I'm actually not a vegetarian.

Is your favorite food?
I really like Indian food and Italian food. I am a lover of cheese, so I really like Pizza, Pasta and Rajma.

What food certainly at your dinner table?
Eggs should be there at my dinner table.

Like coffee or tea?
I love sweet tea and I also like green tea.

If Dinner usually consists of food what?
For a long dinner, I like to fish grilled, with a sauce soup Dal Khicdhi. I also like Panir.

If dessert (Dessert)?
I like Gulab Jamun hot with ice cream.

What favorite drink?

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
I do not drink alcoholic beverages

Never experimented any food?
I just experimented food cooked by my mother, she really a great cook. If street food I like to experiment with Shawarma.

You can cook?
I lived alone for 10 years, so it is very natural that I can cook.

There Tips for Fitness?
I advise people to eat whatever you like, but far more important is to burn more calories than eat, he eats it.