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Equestrian Benefits for Health

For the Health Benefits Equestrian Equestrian sport is still considered expensive and not very popular among the people. The riding is often regarded as a rich kid hobby and not considered as a sport. Sport this one becomes not as popular as other sports such as football or basketball. But behind it all poorer riding has many benefits for our health. riding the four legs appeared to have benefits and benefits for the body, just wow pastas first person healthy, want to know what are the health benefits of riding for? Follow the summary.

1. Burn Fat

Horseback riding was able to burn calories in large quantities. Studies suggest that on horseback for 1 hour then you can burn calories up to 200 calories. It can nourish you and make you slimmer.

2. Shrink Thighs

Shrink thigh is rada-rada difficult because it requires consistency in a place that is the thigh. Well, it turns on horseback you can make your thighs and hips look more proportional and good, not greasy.

3. Good for the Heart

The riding was also very good for your heart health. On horseback you can trigger the heart and pump blood to flow more smoothly. By riding your heart will be healthier.

4. Coordination Good

Horse riding is not as easy as imagined and seen in the movies. It took intensive training to be able to ride a horse. The most important exercise is coordinating the whole body, from the eyes, hands, feet, up to your hips in order to be able to ride a horse.

Streamlining Blood Flow
Just like cardio, riding can also facilitate the flow of your blood so your body more fit and healthier.

Beware If  Equestrian

Actually there are many benefits of riding, but before you start riding it helps you learn beforehand intensely to the experts, because when riding a lot of unexpected events occur, not in few deaths that occur due to a fall from a horse. Therefore, if you like riding then you should be very careful to ride him.

7 Benefits bath for health

It turns out that not only make a fresh bath body, but there are other benefits behind it. Recently, there is research on the bath where in addition to cleanse the body turns the bath also has a role preformance boost the immune system, preventing skin diseases, even to heal a serious medical problem.

Several studies have shown there are 7 benefits of a bath every day for health, among others:

1. People with Diabetes

For diabetics, with a half-hour soaking in a tub of warm water can lower blood sugar levels by about 13%

2. Heart Health

With soak for 10 minutes in warm water can improve heart health both men and women.

3. Eczema

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin dry and itchy. For patients with skin diseases such as eczema, rash, hives can add baking soda to the bath water because it is based on research of baking soda acts as antiseptik.Caranya first water fill with warm water, add about a tablespoon of baking soda and stir until blended.
It is advisable to soak for 10-20

4. Infection

For infections such as thrush can be added to warm water that is three or four of cider vinegar and soak for 15-20 minutes. It is also good for removing toxins from the body because the vinegar can rebalance the acid.

5. Flu and Headaches

To cure colds and headaches can be done by soaking feet in warm water. Put warm water in the tub to cover the foot and ankle, add a few drops of oil such as lavender, peppermint or lemon. When finished, rinse with cold water. Do it for 10-20 minutes.

6. Insomnia

For patients who have insomnia or sleep problems can soak the feet in cold water. Put foot to foot feels cold. This treatment is also useful for tired legs, nose bleeds, and constipation.

7. Circulation

If you have circulation problems then try to start soaking the foot for one or two minutes in warm water, then 30 minutes in cold water. Try to do for 15 minutes and then settled with cold water.
Benefits and healthy bathing instructions

Warm bath around 32-35 degrees Celsius can open the pores that can help remove toxins. Where functioning helps lower blood sugar levels, heal sore muscles and helps keep the colon working properly. The recommended time for 10-20 minutes.

It turned cold water bath can relieve stress due to ease tension, and recommended with temperatures around 12-18 degrees Celsius. Well this is the opposite of warm water because it will narrow the blood and improve blood sugar levels. Therefore for diabetics is not recommended for a cold shower.

13 Tricks Up Early

Waking up in the morning turned out for some people is very difficult, especially for people with sleeplessness. Need to work extra hard to awaken the types of people like this. Some of the tips below may be used as rekomended for who can not get up in the morning.

Morning guys and gals. Surely you have a problem with waking up in the morning. Right! TOp. hehe .. If my problem is different. Why can not I sleep .. This article is taken from a real girl magazine. Many interesting in this magazine article.

1. Do not drink coffee, wine, and chocolate
In order to get up early, you need quality sleep. Keeping the thoughts and feelings of calm before heading to the contest. It is scientifically proven that coffee drinks, wine, and chocolate had no effect either on the intestine, which makes you to be awakened in the middle of the bed and made to sleep soundly.

2. Go to bed with a calm heart

Many parents are advised to bring a problem to bed. This advice is good, because if you have your mind and heart problems in a bad state. If you are an ugly mood, sleep was not well that will carry over to get up early. Try to think of fun things tomorrow.

3. Calm the mind

How to calm the mind before sleep? Prayer, meditation, issued guts guts in a diary, very useful make the mind calm. Try to move your anxiety.

4. Make your bed comfortable

Arrange your bed comfortably. Select blankets were clean and fragrant. Select bolsters and pillows are soft. Almost guaranteed you sleep more comfortably.

5. Eat two hours before bedtime

The food takes time to be processed in digestion. At the time of digestion is working, then the brain will work as well, and it is difficult to to be brought calm. Because it is suggested that eating two hours before the end of you to bed.

6. Discard the water before bed

For this one, I really did not know. :) Apparently, it is advisable to go to the bathroom, urination or defecation, before bed. If you did not want, try it. If not distributed, the kidneys will be full and make you sleep soundly fixed.

7. The body temperature stable
Body temperature also affects the quality of sleep as well you know. Set just so that your body is not cold and hot in bed. Set the air conditioner to fit with your body. need to wear a full bed or just underwear.

8. Keep reading book

Who admit bookworm, reading before bed is often done. It does not matter if you are straight off the books when sleepiness attack. But much has happened, not even sleep because You want to finish reading it. Better to avoid reading about to sleep.

9. There should be eight hours

Provision for young children to sleep eight hours had to be done. But age, the duration of sleep depends on the quality of sleep that you get. Sleep quality if you are not distracted, and you can sleep asleep. There are people who just need to sleep six hours because entry into a deep phase.

10. Matika television and muffled noise
Majalh New Scietists breathing ran an article stating, shorten a person's age just because of interference noise and loud at night. Because the heart beat faster and wake you up in the night. As a result, the body was so stressed aka uneasy. Because it do not turn on the television or play a song out loud. Simply attach the soft and soothing music.

11. Intend to wake up early
The body has its own alarm body. How to set it up, we intend to get up early, and repeatedly pronounced in the liver. This method often I do too, you know.

12. Install an alarm

If worries about being able to wake up early, most powerful way is install an alarm. But the pair should do in the time you have to get up. At least 30 minutes earlier.

13. Have awoken

Alternatively, ask the home awaken if you still can not get up. Throw plate or water. 

Ready practiced, may be useful.

For Sleeping Beauty to be more Happier in 2015

Early 2015 is early days where we make plans to do and held during the year ahead. Of the many plans, one needs to have a plan that is to have quality sleep. Adequate rest through sleep can maintain physical and psychological condition to stay awake and happy. Reporting from entrepreneur.com, to have quality sleep in 2015, this is what needs to be done. 

1.    Set Goals And Plans

To be calm throughout the year, make sure you make a clear life goals and plans for the year ahead. Set a time when you need a break and try to get up earlier than usual. Despite being in the crush of work, clear goals and plans can help you resolve problems quickly and precisely.

 2.   Motivation

Make sure to have a high motivation for what you do. Motivation can trigger a person's motivation to be better. Strong motivation also lead a person to have a healthier body and mind. This can help you get quality sleep.

  3.     Bedroom

To have quality sleep, be sure to have a comfortable bedroom. Design your bedroom as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Keep the cleanliness and beauty is always awake. For a more relaxed atmosphere, you can specify the color and use a light sleeper that is more soft and quiet.
    4.    Electronic Objects
TV, Radio, Internet and phone are some electronic items that could distract one's sleep. At bedtime, try to turn off and keep away from these objec In addition to helping you  have a quality sleep, doing this is believed to    
guarantee your psychological health.

   5.   Food And Drink

Be sure to consume healthy foods and beverages. Keep your diet and nutrition   
of the body. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol or narcotics to get quality
sleep. At night, consuming foods that contain little protein for example nuts,
wheat bread, crackers, vegetables and popcorn is very good to get quality sleep.

That's the easy tips you can do to get quality sleep. Make sure you are always in a state of relaxed and away from the stress. In addition to healthy, quality sleep can certainly assure the performance and level of fecundity yourself. Guaranteed anyway, you could be happier for 2015.

The benefits of swimming

 The benefits of swimming for men

  • Swimming can help us build muscle, especially for men to look more       healthy sixpack   and of course
  • In order not to look bloated stomach
  • Train the muscles to become stronger
  • Keeping the body in order to continue safe and sound
  • In order to keep his family if undesirable things happen, for example, the child or  his  wife drowned


Benefits swim for women
  • Swimming is very useful when you're on a diet, because when we swim as well as we burn a lot of calories in the body and even calories burned can be up to 24%. In addition to swimming flavor will not be as tired sports slimming weight.
  • Help shape the body beautiful and high
  • Can make the skin color becomes darker brown and sex Helps to tighten the abdominal muscles of the thigh and arm chest

Skin Healthy Foods

Maintain healthy skin not only have to use beauty products. Moreover, expensive.
The food that you consume also affects the condition of your skin. And these are the foods that are beneficial to skin health:

1. Sandwich tuna, whole wheat bread, with carrots, strawberries
and water-rich tuna in essential fatty acids Omega-3, it is great to nourish the skin. Cook the tuna with lime juice and chopped onion. Add more with a rich slice of whole wheat bread Vitamin E. Do not forget, carrots and strawberries (dark colors and bright fruit may also be) rich in antioxidants that can keep the skin moist and provide protection from the effects of aging. Every day, do not forget to multiply the water intake, recommended 6 to 8 glasses. Drinking water is good to moisturize and soften the skin.

2. Soups with vegetables, beans, and whole wheat pasta Vegetables, beans, and whole-wheat pasta, contain antioxidants. Why antioxidants are so important for healthy skin? Antioxidants destroy the chemicals in the body that can cause diseases such as cancer and prevent damage to collagen. Collagen can help keep skin elastic and smooth. So eat these foods can neutralize toxins in your body and it is important to make healthy skin.

3. The grilled salmon with brown rice and carrots

Salmon, tuna, rich in essential fatty acids. While brown rice is high in Vitamin E. This is important because when diet and lack of Vitamin E normally you pale skin, easy bruising, and wrinkle prematurely. While carrots are rich in vitamin A, which can make the skin is not easy to dry and scaly.

4. Salad mix
Salad is a healthy and low calorie foods. To mix the salad could use some handheld dark leafy lettuce (green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, or spinach), meat (chicken or turkey or even fish), a sprinkling of nuts, such as walnuts or almonds, and grated parmesan.

5. Tofu stir-fry with noodles wheat
Know and all other soy foods, rich in Vitamin B. Vitamin that helps keep your skin smooth and moist. Cooking with mixed vegetables rich in antioxidants such as spinach and red peppers or green. Served on wheat noodles. It will be a weekend lunch healthy and practical.

6. Peanut butter on whole-grain crackers with colorful fruit salad
Eat foods that are good for your skin is not actually have to be complicated and time consuming. Lunch is simple like fruit salad with peanut butter and crackers, may be an option at the moment busy. Peanut butter and biskui made from wheat that contains Vitamin E, can maximize the amount of antioxidants in the salad in front of you. Moreover, plus fresh fruit colors, such as orange, kiwi, oranges and all kinds of berries.

7. The green beans
Presenting a bowl of porridge green beans are rich in antioxidants require preparation which is not too long. However, you can generate a lot of health benefits, especially the skin. Vitamins in the nuts will give wonders for your skin.

Benefits of Apples For Health

Apples or who has the Latin name Malus domestica which was originally an apple that was originally derived from Central Asia, but now apple fruit development is very fast so it's been spread evenly throughout the world, especially in countries that have the air temperature cold, apple is one of fruits fruits are always in sandingkan at the dinner table in the houses of the rich would also houses people are, because the price is not bad for a region that can not tumbuhi this apple, apples have good content to health, so on this occasion I tried to share with friends on Health Benefits of Apples for the Human Body.

Apples are fruits that are usually eaten raw and fresh, it is indeed very Favors natural that many people are trying to cultivate this apple tree, now let us just look at the benefits of fruit this one.


Efficacy Apples For Health 
  1. The fiber in apples that can help maintain a healthy digestive system, can avoid the attack of diarrhea or constipation. Point fiber also to reduce body fat and cholesterol so well made menu in the diet.
  2. Eating or consuming apples with the teeth and chewing can boost the production of saliva in the mouth, it can reduce the level of bacteria in the mouth and can protect the teeth from kropos and other dental diseases.
  3. Apples contain antioxidants that can boost immunity from free radicals negative
  4. Apples can also protect the eyes from cataracts.
  5. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's in the brain terserangnya.
  6. Apple skin can be used as a drug to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the liver, colon, and so on.
  7. The fruit is also useful in anemia treting
  8. The fruit is also known as the remover of weakness and add vitality to humans.

To Utilize A well of course you are able to do so after reading our article, the Well hopefully what we give is not to be in vain, may be a benefit to all, greetings spirit of sharing and Healthy Regards.

Complete Biography Starring Shaheer Sheikh Arjuna in the Mahabharata:
Name              Shaheer Sheikh
Date of Birth   March 26, 1984
Age                  30 years
Home town     :  Bhaderwah Jammu, India
Nationality      India
Education        :  LLB
Occupation      Actor
Height              :  feet, 1 inch
Zodiac sign      :  Aries
                         : Islam
Hair Color        Brown
Eye Color         :  Black
Marital Status  : Single

TV Series
year 2009-2010

     Title Kya Mast Hai Life
     Serving as As Vir Mehra
     StasiunTV Disney Channel India

year 2010

     Title Jhansi Ki Rani
     Serving as Nana Sahib
     StasiunTV Zee TV

In 2011

     Title Best Of Luck Nikki
     Serving as Ritesh
     StasiunTV Disney Channel India

year 2011-2012

     Title Navya..Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal
     Serving as Anant Bajpai
     StasiunTV Star Plus

In 2012

     Title Teri Meri Love Stories
     Serving as Nityanand
     StasiunTV Star Plus

year 2013

     Title Mahabharat
     Serving as Arjuna
     StasiunTV Star Plus

In The award has been achieved:

     2010 Disney India Most Favorite Survey for the 2010 Best Actor
     2010 Disney India Most Favorite Survey for the 2010 Best Jodi
     2010 Disney India Most Favorite Survey for the 2010 Best Buddies (Male)
     2010 Our Choice Awards 2010 Best Actor Kya Mast Hai Life
     2010 Our Choice Awards 2010 Best Buddies Kya Mast Hai Life
     2011 Best on Disney's 2011 Best Actor in a Leading Role
     2011 Best on Disney's 2011 Best Actor in a Leading Role
     2011 BIG Television Awards 2011 Taaza straight male
     2011 BIG Television Awards Great! face of the year
     2011 New Talent Awards Great! face of the year
     2011 Indian Telly Award Fresh New Face - Male